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가격: 3.99 USD
호환성: iPhone & iPad

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앱 설명

Turn your iPhone into an USB flash disk on the go.
If you got any of the following problems, OrganiDoc is definitely the apps you are looking for.
1. Will you only be able to revisit important attachments by re-downloading email again?
2. Don’t know what useful things to fill the large storage on iPhone?
3. Don’t you want lots of free storage on the cloud plus the convenience of accessing your data on iPhone anytime?
4. Do you need to make sure all your ‘private’ docs, pics or videos all securely stored?
5. Do you run into the situation of not able to read ZIP or RAR email attachments on iPhone?
6. Do you like to turn your iPhone into USB flash drive to carry files on the go?

OrganiDoc is packed with powerful features and interfaces designed by famous designer with ultimate user experiences in mind.

Key features:
• Simply transfer docs, pics and videos from your PC through iTunes enabling browsing and management anytime, anywhere.
• Revolutionary way to present your files in their respective presentation and interfaces, allowing more efficient file management.
• Manage your docs, pics and videos in both public and protected mode.
• Easily save your attachments within email to OrganiDoc.
• Use free Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, box, SugarSync, ASUS WebStorage, Soonr…for backup remotely and download them on demand to your iPhone.
• Tightly Integrated with iCloud: Just tag files, photos or videos with iCloud icon and then they will be automatically stored to iCloud and pushed to your iPad's OrganiDoc HD for sharing.
• ZIP or RAR archives can be extracted in OrganiDoc. Password protected ZIP or RAR are also supported. Files and folders can be compressed to a ZIP file.
• Use OrganiDoc as your one stop file management app for emailing or dispatching file to other apps for further editing.
• Support Air print features to print out files or photos in iPhone easily.
• Support TV out features. Users can easily connect iPhone to TV or projectors to do presentation.
• Support non-Unicode txt file, PC txt file can be viewed without converting. The txt file encoding can also be switched dynamically (European Latin, Japanese ShiftJIS…).
• Multiple selection when importing photo/video from Albums. The importing keeps all the details without re-compressing. View all detail information of photos (e.g. focus, GPS, aperture…)
• Use Wifi to transfer files from PC to iPhone.
• Browsing the majority of file formats on your iPhone with the formats listed below:

- MS Office
- iWorks '09, '08, '06 files
- PDF files

- Text files
- Web files
- Compressed files (zip, rar)
- Image files
- Video, Audio

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