oxBrothers - lemmings

퍼블리셔: Denis Smolev
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: 0.99 USD
호환성: iPhone & iPad

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앱 설명

We're glad to present simple and at the same time universal tool - oxBrothers. Each of them can dig and cannot dig, crash walls with a sledgehammer or just stand still. It's very tame and unpretentious creatures. There are no questions - they are stupid. But they will be glad to fulfill any of your wishes.

So, you have a goal and faithful servants to do anything you demand. Yes, oxBrothers aren't very skillful, but you won't feel sorry to lose some of them. Pair of creatures haven't got to the destination? Several? Even dozen?! Who cares! Won't be difficult to get a ​replacement. The goal is reached and this is most important!

The basic objective of the game is to guide a group of humanoid lemmings through a number of obstacles to a designated exit. In order to save the required number of lemmings to win.

You start with a basic army of oxBrothers but as you progress you can assign different roles to them to help create a path through the level such as diggers and ladder builders. Save as many as possible and try to complete each level.

Lemmings is a puzzle-platformer video game originally developed for the Amiga by DMA Design and published by Psygnosis in 1991.

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