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앱 설명

The objectives of PratikFreezer are :
- to answer the question"
"In my freezer, for my next meal,
have I the food I wish for ? "
- to present simple and intuitive screens :
Search, List of food, Details, Settings, Helps.

So from its opening, PratikFreezer presents :
With iPhone : a research screen.
With iPad : the research screen and the result list of foods.

The criteria of the research screen are :
- Type of the food ?
chosen among 9 generic kinds
arise from dishes of a traditional meal,
and among 4 extended kinds.
- In what freezer(s) ?
- In what drawer(s) ?
- A word or a part of a word
localized in the form of the food
- Is the best before date respected ?
Food OK, Deadline over, Alert actived
- Days of alert, to be warned
a few days before the best before date
- The freezing is made by us even ?
- The quantity is under a defined minimum ?
(For foods having to be resupplied).
- The food is existing or is archived ?
- The selection is sorted by Dates / Names ?

The research screen present always :
- The number of food of the research,
- The total of existing or archived food.

We obtain a foods selection which are displayed according to a list in the iPhone standard.

The cells of these lists present :
- The name of the food
- The characteristics of the packaging
(ex: 2 bags of 1,5 Kg),
A null quantity has a specific color,
- The best before date
with a color according to its respect,
- Where is the food
in which freezer and in which drawer ?
- An additional line
For some further information,
- A specific icon, if this food is begun,
- A specific icon, if it was frozen by us even,
- A mini photo.

The description of a food can be archived to minimize the seized again.
- For the existing foods :
Click a cell = Details of a food,
Slide the finger = Archiving the food,
We can archive a whole selection.
- For the archived foods :
Click a cell = Restoring a food,
Slide the finger = Definitive erasing,
We can erase a whole selection.

PratikFrezer also proposes to :
- Adding a food or editing a food
In the characteristics input screen,
only the name of the food is compulsory,
it can be chosen in a dictionary.
The new names enrich the dictionary.
The use of the keyboard is minimized,
you choose your values in standard Apple pickers
- Doing settings :
Manage names of Freezer and drawers,
Manage names of Packagings (bag, ...),
Manage names of Measures (Kg, g, ...),
Manage Names in the dictionary,
Edit Extented type of food,
Backup and restore all data,
Export to an other iPhone /iPad
all the existing and archived food.

In the first launch, 2 empty freezers were created for you.
So, your first actions are :
- Consult the helps dedicated
- Add a food, in a drawer of a freezer
- Use settings icon to (for example):
Manage freezers and drawers
Import all the food of an iPhone/iPad
Import some testing foods
with the security code "imp-us"

For proposing an evolution or
doing a notation of PratikFreezer on AppStore,
Use Settings icon.

freezing freezer deadlane deadline fridge

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