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PriCalculator - 계산기를 통해 사진 동영상 숨기기

퍼블리셔: Codefavor
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: 1.99 USD
호환성: iPhone & iPad

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앱 설명

PriCalculator can hide your photos, videos, recordings, documents, notes, diaries, web browser, password book, contacts and other files behind a calculator. What everyone can see is just an ordinary calculator. You can access your private world by entering your password on the calculator.

App features include:
1. File Viewer
1.1 Powerful image & photo browser that supports all common image formats, such as | .png | .jpg | .jpeg | .bmp | .tiff | .tif | .gif |, and support for slide shows.
1.2 Powerful video / movie player that supports all common video formats such as | .avi | .mov | .rm | .rmb | .rmvb | .wmv | .mp4 | .mkv | .mtv | .dat | .3gp |. amv | .dmv | .asf | .flv | .swf |, and support srt subtitles mounted.
1.3 Powerful audio player that supports all popular audio formats, such as | .mp3 | .wma | .wav | .aac | .amr | .mid | .m4r | .m4a | etc.
1.4 PDF reader, support for labels.
1.5 Document viewer, supports common file formats such as .doc | .docx | .ppt | .pptx | .xls | .xlsx | .csv | .htm | .html | .xml | etc.
1.6 Text viewer and editor that supports common text and code format viewing and editing, as | .txt | .log | .ini | .cpp | .h | .m | .c | .java | .cs | .php | .aspx | .mm | .css | .cxx | etc.
1.7 Files, folders, sorting, supported by name, size, modification time, creation time, etc. in ascending or descending order.

2. Files management
2.1 Batch import photos and videos from system albums.
2.2 Quickly take pictures and shoot video and safely stored.
2.3 Transfer files via a wireless WiFi, easy to operate, using the latest HTML5 technology to support multi-file uploading.
2.4 Transfer files via WebDAV service. Using as U-Disk on computer.
2.5 Unlimited create a text file and edit and save.
2.6 Recording and save.
2.7 Zip and Unzip file(s)
2.8 Support files, folders rename, copy, paste, move.
2.9 Unlimited create the folder.

3. Files Sharing
3.1 Share photos or other files via other APP, such as facebook, Twitter and so on.
3.2 Mail photos or other files.
3.3 Share photos or other files to other device via AirDrop.

4. Today Widget:
- Access your private world by entering your password on the Today Widget.

5. Private Web Browser:
- Your private web browser.

6. Private Password Book:
- Manage your passwords.

7. Private Contacts:
- Manage your private contacts.

8. Private Notes:
- Unlimited to create notes.

9. Private Diaries:
- Unlimited to create diaries.

10. Recording:
- Unlimited recordings.

11. QR Code Reading:
- QR Code reading for open url or search in web browser.

12. More Features:
12.1 Simple & Fast calculator.
12.2 Automatically back to calculator when the app in background.
12.3 The APP name is ‘PriCalculator’ on springboard.

사진동영상 숨기기 동영상 숨기기 비밀 계산기 보호와 숨기기 계산기 사진 볼트 숨기 개인앨범 비디오 숨기기 개인 정보 보호 protectors 정보 보호 계산기를 잠금 보안 보호기 정보와 통해 갤러리 잠금 hide safe

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