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Picture Vault Lock Photos Safe

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호환성: iPhone & iPad

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앱 설명

The best and most private gallery app to hide your photos and videos, with secret camera to take private pictures silently.
Don't risk your private photos from now on! Download InVault to protect your secret photos and videos now!

Why people choosing InVault?
* Include free Touch ID
* With Secure password protection
* Include free Fake Password feature
* Provide free and unlimited storage size
* Slide Show
* Instagram Downloader
* Secret camera automatically store pics and videos in InVault app
* Hide pics and videos from iPhone's public gallery to InVault
* Unhide pics and videos from InVault app to iPhone's public gallery
* Full-screen view photos and videos
* Support landscape mode(rotate) and zoom
* Share files to other apps such as Snapchat
* Easy-to-use User Interface

Main Features

Protect Security and Privacy to Keep Safe Album
- Password protection to lock pictures and keep safe pics, hide pics behind Photo Vault album lock
- Touch ID to lock pictures and keep safe pics, easily hide and lock photos in photo vault app
- Find back the password in secure way

Hide Private Files by Importing them from Camera Roll or Built-in Private Camera
- Hide by importing private pictures photos and videos from camera roll to InVault app 's private gallery and encrypt files with Photo Vault album lock
- Take private photos & video by private camera in InVault photo vault app, hide and lock pictures in photo vault app with album lock

Disguise Space
- You can enable the feature by enabling "Fake Password", disguise gallery space is used to confuse the snoopers - You can preset a decoy password, the snooper will go to the disguise gallery space if he/she enters the decoy password. It's helpful to protect privacy and security for your locked and hidden pics.

Organize Private Gallery, Pictures, Videos
- Create, rename,re-order,delete the secret photo album in secure way
- Export private files and pics from locked InVault photo vault to iPhone's camera roll
- Multi-select personal pictures files photos and video in locked secret photo album
- Move personal files pics and video from one locked hidden secret photo album to another in secure way inside Photo Vault.
- Delete personal photos and video from secret pics album in secure way
- View personal files picture and video, secret photo album in landscape mode through Photo Vault app lock

Help Find Back Password
- Get back your password via recovery email securely in case you forget it, setting recovery email is very helpful to keep files pictures and video safe in Photo Vault app lock.

- It's a snap upload tool, you can share the photos directly to Snapchat app securely
- Share secret files to social apps, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram in secure way
- Share secret files via Email, Message in secure way through InVault Photo Vault app lock

Q: How to get my private files back?
A: Please DO NOT DELETE InVault right away. Apple enforces that deleting an app removes all related data locally. So all data you stored inside the app will be removed if you delete the app.

To get your files back, please try below ways:
1. If you have forgotten the password, please find back your password of Photo Vault.
2. If you have chosen to keep original files when importing them to InVault, you can still find them in you device's local gallery.

Q: What to do if I forget my password of Photo Vault?
A: If you have set the recovery email, please click on "Forget Password?" at the left bottom corner of the enter password page. An email will be sent to your preset recovery email address to help you find back the password.

Q: Can I share the photos or videos to Snapchat app?
A: Of course we do. InVault supports share files to Snapchat, it's not only a Photo Vault app but also a snap upload tool.

Q: How to hide photos/videos to this app?
A: Click on "Add" icon.

Contact us
- Email:

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