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Propertypro Property App

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앱 설명 is Nigeria’s leading online real estate platform which eases the stress of finding properties online. Our property listings include apartments, flats, houses, plots of land, shops, hotels, office spaces as well as warehouses and other commercial properties for sale, rent or short let. We give property seekers, owners, developers and agents the opportunity to advertise on our platform while giving them maximum exposure. has a competitive advantage over other property websites due to our vast number of users, leads and properties.

Key Features

Property Seekers

Search: Search for any type of property for rent, sale or short-let

Advanced filter: Filter search results to your specifications

Alerts: You can create alerts for a specific location so that you receive notifications whenever new properties are available

Post a request: If you can’t find what you’re looking for, post a request and an agent will get in touch with you.

Picture slideshows: Swipe to view property pictures

Map view: easily find your desired area on the map

Access across all devices and platforms: Use PropertyPro on the go on all platforms and all devices

Contact Agents: Easily call or WhatsApp agents from the app.

Real Estate Agents:

Manage your listings: Create, delete and edit your property listings.

Advertising tools: Get easy access to our advertising tools to boost your online presence

Manage your profile: Easily edit and update your contact information and company details

Property Requests: Get access to lead and client requests

real estate portal property search property app property for sale

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