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앱 설명

QromaTag creates and embeds industry standard photo metadata into your images using voice recognition. Make your photos searchable by telling us the date, location and people in your photos, and QromaTag creates industry standard EXIF and IPTC metadata tags. Import any JPEG image into QromaTag through iCloud Drive on your computer, or use the built in capture tool to scan in old photos. QromaTag’s powerful metadata tagging system will make your images searchable with any operating system or photo organization program that reads industry standard EXIF and IPTC metadata.

* Say an address or a well known location, and QromaTag will geotag your photo to precise locations, including GPS coordinates and IPTC City, State and Country tags.
* Import your GEDCOM family tree or Contact list, and then tag people in your photos just by saying their names.
* Add and embed your searchable story into any image through the Description tag. QromaTag can embed up to 2,000 characters of text into any image and wherever the photo goes, the story goes with it.
* Embed the true date the photo was taken just by saying the Date. Most photo organization programs sort photos in chronological order, but many photos we download from the web don’t have something called an ‘EXIF Capture Date’ and appear in your photo collection on they day they were downloaded or scanned, as opposed to the day they were taken. QromaTag can create an accurate capture date to keep your photos organized.

QromaTag is the most powerful photo metadata editor on any mobile platform. QromaTag has a built in PDF reader and video player. Browse through the full user guide or play 1 to 2 minute video tutorials to get up to speed quickly without leaving the app. QromaTag also comes with free and fast support, and we generally respond within one day.

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