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SAYINGS - 100,000 Cool Sayings

퍼블리셔: Sven Schabbach
가격: 0.99 USD
호환성: iPhone & iPad

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앱 설명

100,000+ hip quotations and sayings for use with your iPhone and iPad. We are finally back with a brand new iOS 11 ready version

Are you looking for the perfect quotation for any occasion? Just want to have some fun or a good laugh?

 You'll find 100,000 cool sayings and quotations here in the following categories:

- Cool sayings

- Office sayings

- Friendship sayings

- Excuses

- Popular sayings

- Knock Knock sayings

- Emo sayings

- Tongue twisters

- Miss-you sayings

- T-Shirt sayings
- Insults

- Flirt sayings

- Drinking sayings

- Break-up sayings

- Sayings for men

- Sayings for women

- Humorous sayings

- Burning questions

- Old wives' tales

- Really mean sayings

- Nerd sayings

- Last words

- Oneliners

- Fun facts

- In the army

- Answering machine

- Movie quotes

- Car stickers

- Love sayings

- Yo momma

- Confucius says

- Funny wisdom

- Wise quotes

- Did you know

- English-German

- Bad translations

- much much more...

You'll have a ball with these engaging and amusing sayings!


- SAYINGS: We have 100,000 sayings in 69 categories and seven languages -- English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Swedish.

- SHARE: Share your favorite sayings via WhatsApp, text (SMS), Twitter, Facebook, iMessage or email. You also can copy with one click to the clipboard for use with other apps.

- FAVORITES: Save your favorite sayings.

- RANDOM: Tap the random button for random sayings.

- NAVIGATION: Easy navigation and design. Navigate between sayings easily by swiping left, swiping right or clicking on a saying.

- SEARCH: Built in search function.

- TEXT TO SPEECH: Pick a say and the app will read it to you.

- CHANGE LANGUAGE: You can switch the language of the sayings from within the app. English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Swedish and Russian are available.

- DESIGN: Comprehensive, intuitive and efficient interface makes reading, sharing and searching a breeze.

- USE IT OFFLINE: Don’t let Internet access limit you! Our app does not need Internet access in order to view sayings.

- FEEDBACK: Contact us with your ideas, suggestions or feedback.

- UNIVERSAL: Universal app automatically adapts to both iPhone and iPad.

We very much appreciate your feedback. Thank you for your support.

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