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앱 설명

Find out what 5 million users are so excited about!

Selfie is the hottest new app and you’re about to see why. Take your selfie from simple to #stunning in seconds. We’ve created an app that will make you look your absolute best! Download now for free!

-Selfie countdown timer, never take a blurry selfie again
-Smooth, bronze or whiten your skin
-Add blush to highlight your cheeks
-Enlarge, brighten and define your eyes
-Change your eye colour and add wild contact lenses
-Add eye shadow
-Add eyeliner and eye lashes
-Enhance your eye brows
-Plump your lips and apply lipstick
-Whiten your teeth
-Thin your face, and cheeks
-Shrink your nose
-Enlarge anything
-Enhance your hair
-Add cool special effects such as galaxy, bokeh and ombre overlays
-Add beautiful quotes to your selfies
-Add fun filters, borders, text, stickers and accessories
-Share to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Email

Get Flawless Skin!
Smooth your skin to give it a flawless finish. Whiten or tan your skin with an easy to use slider. Once your skin is silky smooth finish the look and highlight your cheeks with a little blush.

Want your eyes to seriously shine?
Make your eyes bigger and brighter. You can go as natural or dramatic as you like. Scroll through the eyeliner and eyelash overlays to create the look you’re going for. You can even thicken your eyebrows and change your eye colour with a few taps. Check out our new wild contact lenses!

Ensure your smile is instagram ready!
Your teeth will be pearly white and perfect in seconds. Now use the lip plumper tool or NEW lipstick feature and give those lips a bit of extra pout!

Slim and trim to selfie perfection!
Slim your cheeks and thin your face with an easy to use slider. Use our shrink tool to shrink your nose!

Enlarge anything...
The options are endless. Go from flat to fab in a few taps. Add serious volume to that messy bun on top of your head, or side braid.

Final Touches!
Add galaxy, bokeh or ombre special effects to your selfie. Overlay beautiful quotes. Crop and rotate your photo, to minimize any background distractions. Add fun accessories such as hipster glasses, bow ties and hats! Choose a clean, girly or grungy border to compliment the perfect filter. Before you post your selfie for all to see, add motivational, or clever captions to your photo! Now go ahead and share your gorgeous Selfie on Instagram or Facebook!

Don’t forget to hashtag #selfieapp on Instagram so we can see your stunning creations!

Find out what everyone is raving about and Download NOW for FREE!

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