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앱 설명

Have your bank at your fingertips with SGBL secure banking app.
This app offers you real time services everywhere around the clock with regular updates and new features, thus you can:
- View your accounts balances, details, transactions and statements
- Set a nickname for your account so that you can find it easily in account list and transfers
- View received and issued cheques images in transactions list
- Examine your products status (loans, cards, …)
- Check and spend your Super Rewards points
- Transfer money instantly or scheduled, to one or multiple beneficiaries
- Manage your cards (change parameters, stop a card, ...)
- Place a checkbook or cash order for immediate delivery at the branch
- Request certificates
- Receive alerts and notifications
- Book an appointment with your relationship manager
- Find the nearest SGBL branch or ATM

Download SGBL app.
To log in you must register at one of SGBL branches, then follow the app’s easy steps to get started.
For more info, please visit or call 1274.

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