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싱귤라(Singulaa) - 보컬제거, MR제거, 오토튠

퍼블리셔: Tunedra Inc.
가격: 3.99 USD
호환성: iPhone & iPad

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랭킹 다운로드 - iPhone - 대한민국
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앱 설명

Why do you pay for karaoke tracks when you have plenty of songs in your iPhone?

Just choose and sing one of your favorite songs from your Library, and let Singulaa suppress the original vocal and enhance your voice to match the backing instrumental.
The app’s diverse tuning options will make your song more unique and harmonious.

Singulaa also provides a stand-alone vocal remover which enables you to suppress either the vocal or instrumental of your tracks and save them for other uses.

If you want more creative musical experience, sing with your own melody and lyrics, and Singulaa will create an entirely new song for you.

Watch a quick demo for vocal remover part at:
Or, search "singulaa app" on YouTube.

* Key Features

- Smart Karaoke
Singulaa imports songs from your Library and makes avail of them as a backing track by suppressing their vocal sound.
You can sing with the backing track like in a karaoke.

- Advanced Voice-Tuning Technology
The app analyzes the backing track of each song, and tunes your voice to fit best its key and chord progression.
This feature allows you to sing your own melody freely and play it in harmony with the backing track.
Also, you may select a different style of pitch-correction with the option of tuning levels.

- Vocal / Instrumental Remover
This handy tool enables you to customize different types of tracks for the best outcome of vocal removal.
After removing their vocal parts, save your favorite songs as an instrumental track.
Or, you may opt to suppress the instrumental of tracks to bring the vocal into relief.

* Additional Features

- Chorus effect adds the realistic harmony that blends with your voice.
- Enables to export saved songs via email (.m4a) and iTunes File Sharing (.wav).
- Supports for AudioCopy / AudioPaste 2.0.

* Developer’s Notes

- Just like other apps that have the capabilities of loading tracks from iTunes library, this app, unfortunately, fails to load DRM-protected tracks.

- For Singulaa, we have sought after the best solution for vocal-removal technology, and found iZotope™ ’s unrivaled in the industry.
Singular’s vocal-remover powered by iZotope™ works out for most tracks in the market.
For those recorded with complex techniques or as chorus parts, however, the result of vocal removal may vary.

- Use headphones to hear the backing track while recording.

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