Solve It 2: My Father's Killer

퍼블리셔: Haiku Games Co
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호환성: iPhone & iPad

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앱 설명

“Whatever it is, it can wait until morning,” you say as you leave the club.
“You’ll want in on this case,” Logan says. “Your mother’s been arrested for murder.”

Solve It 2: My Father’s Killer is a thrilling murder mystery/visual novel where your choices change the story. Race against time as you and the famous detective T.S. Logan struggle to find the real killer. The truth will tear Silicon Valley apart.

What kind of detective are you? Will you ally with the handsome biker? Do you let the beautiful magician take you home? Do you fall for Logan, the “Sleuth of Silicon Valley”? Will you save your mother from prison, and death?

It’s all because of that terrible night, ten years ago, when Harry Vale attacked your family. What if everything you knew about it was a lie? Who was your dad, really? What did he hide? Could the killer be your mom?

Keep your head in the game. Track down witnesses and suspects. Break their alibis. Get your evidence to the judge before someone silences your mom forever. Make hard choices along the way.

You don’t have to play Solve It 1 to enjoy this interactive story! But if you did, you can re-enter your choices in Solve It 2. Or change them! It’s up to you.

Download now! Two murders! Two killers! Solve It 2!

We're an indie game studio that loves making games. At Haiku, we have a game design philosophy we call “satisfying challenge.” We think games should be tough but solvable, so we spend a lot of time designing games that we hope you will enjoy!


Haiku Games is the company behind the hit Adventure Escape series. This unique series of escape rooms have been played by tens of millions of people!

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