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앱 설명

SPIDER SOLITAIRE : card game, is the classic SOLITAIRE game revisited with different rules. SPIDER SOLITAIRE is the most popular solitaire card games included in computers all over the world for decades. It is a fun and challenging card game.
The best solitaire card game !

Your goal is to is to remove all cards from the table set.You need to drag and drop them in the 10 card piles. You can assemble them to make suites. You need to create suites from the same family, from King to ace. Once a full suite is crated it will be automatically stocked on the top of the table. If you can make the 10 full suites : you win !

This version of SPIDER SOLITAIRE has wonderful and unique graphics and fantastic user interface.
Enjoy your spare time and play this game for hours. You will love it !

- 3 play modes: suites of 1 or 2 or 4 cards
- Daily Challenges : every day a special and unique challenge to raise.
- Over 30 achievements/challenges : will you try to complete all challenges ?
- 6 unique and different cards deck
- 13 unique backgrounds
- Numerous statistics

If you like to play solitaire card games, a mix of skill, strategy and patience, you should play to this SPIDER SOLITAIRE game. It is just the best one in the application store !

Download the game now, you will not regret !

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