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Stabilized Night Camera

퍼블리셔: FP Software lab.
가격: 2.99 USD
호환성: iPhone & iPad

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앱 설명

The application presents the "night mode" for camera featuring one of most demanded features for night life photographers. It allows to take stabilized long exposure photos by the phone bare hands. Eliminating the need to carry and use a tripod over nightclubs and the streets of the night city.

Low-light image noise is suppressed by massive realtime statistical images stacking. Shaking hands are "corrected" by fast optical stabilization algoiruithms based on Computer Vision technologies and assisted with device's aurmented reality sensors like gyroscope and accelerometer. Shifted images are aligned, blurred images are removed from the sequence making final image as sharp as it possible for current level.

Mathematical approach is similar to algorithms used in astronomical photography (calibration, alignment dithering, averaging with sigma-clipping, filtering out blurry images). This makes it possible to achieve a radical improvement of night photos taken by your mobile device.

All this is represented by the simplest interface, all you need is to press the large round shutter button, and hold the phone approximately in the direction of the object for 5-30 seconds.

The program does the rest.

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