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퍼블리셔: Jawad Jaber
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: 1.99 USD
호환성: iPhone & iPad

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Are You Looking for Better Managerial Position?
Do You Really Care to Build Best Future for Your Family or Organisation?
Do You Want to Draw the Best Future for Yourself Personally?

Then here is the full story of of how you can make the best choices for yourself, and the best directions for your family, and the best decisions for you organisation, all of these by using your iPhone or iPad for 15 minutes only!

Every father wants to build best future for his children, every successful manager wants to see his department of the best in the company, every gentleman wants to know how to strategize the best future for himself, but not all of these men know how to built or endure these magnificent results.

These had been the debate among the best management and strategy thinkers in the world for many many years. They sat so many tools and theories, but unfortunately not all of these tactics was as simple and practical as to be used by individuals like me and you. Among all of these tools that had been harnessed over the years, one has gained the privilege to be adopted by almost every clever responsible man, that was because it is so simple and so effective.

What Was the Those Management Experts Discovered About This Tool?
Do You Know That This Tool Have Been Evolved in Two Stages?
Why Managers Had Never Been Told About the Second Version of This Tool?

The Tool That Might Change Your Life FOREVER.

These management thinkers had discovered that in order to make the best choice about anything in your personal and professional life, you have to know only these four things: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats, all combined was acronymed as SWOT, so this was the first discovery the tool and it is not complete!

What Was Wrong With SWOT? Why It Is Incomplete Tool?

All respectful managers know SWOT, and almost most of them know that it has an abstract nature and it is very rigid and static, it has no applied or active nature unless the mind thought about each point separately. And while I and you have very normal ability, nothing will sound surprising unless we have some mind triggers! and here was born the second version of this tool.

The TOWS Matrix.

What those outstanding thinkers have developed is a triggers system from within SWOT tool so that every mind can and will know the best choice about himself and organisation. These triggers are based on the principle of connecting the dots. After connecting the SWOT points, the results are:

1. S-O Strategies (Connect Strengths with Opportunities)
Use Strengths points to take advantage of Opportunities.

2. W-O Strategies (Connect Weaknesses with Opportunities)
Improve internal Weaknesses points by taking advantage of external Opportunities.

3. S-T Strategies (Connect Strengths with Threats)
Use Strengths points to avoid or reduce the impact of external Threats.

4. W-T Strategies (Connect Weaknesses with Threats)
Try to avoid Weaknesses and Threats points together.

Why Do I Need This App to Perform Such Exercise?
Isn’t One Excel Sheet Will Be Enough to Conduct It?

The answer in NO, if you have practiced this tool before, you will discover that the connecting of the points is not as practically simple as you expect. It is always difficult to track and track back what have you done if the app was not programmed to do so. So to do the exercise of the TOWS here using this app, and to live that experience is one of the most important things any ambitious person must do from time to time, not for his organisation but for everything around here.


As seen above, there have never been one tool that overcomes all the difficulties of the SWOT, and TOWS in one single app that is perfectly programmed to track each strategy and tactic and generate that professional report so easily.

swot bcg business opportunity opportunity opportunities tow

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