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앱 설명

TAKE TWO inspires your experience of love and relationships by delivering beautifully designed and personalised quotes and advice.

TAKE TWO empowers you to focus on the positives in your relationship and helps you to take a step back from the day to day.

Based on the science of positive psychology and the psychology of change, we deliver inspirational quotes, wisdom and advice tailored especially for you.

Every day a new quote is delivered to you as a beautifully wrapped gift.

Pause, breathe, relax and shift your thinking.

Two minutes is the perfect amount to reframe a situation.

TAKE TWO empowers you to shift your perspective, change your thinking and improve your relationship, two minutes at a time.

“Taking two minutes a day to look at my personalised quote has helped me boost my intention setting and positive vibes. Take Two for the iPhone gives me access to a source of healing and grounding, whenever I feel I need it.” – Teague O’Malley, Mindfulness Coach NYC

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