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Tallaght University Hospital

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앱 설명

The Tallaght Hospital Adult Medicines Guide was prepared by Tallaght Hospital Pharmacy, Medical and Nursing Staff, under the direction of the hospital’s Drugs and Therapeutics Committee. The guide itself has been in existence for well over a decade but with the dramatic rise in smartphone use, the need for an app version became apparent. User feedback has been analysed and acted upon to design Version 2.0, which delivers improved functionality and usability.

The guide is divided up into an introductory section followed by 11 individual chapters broadly corresponding with the BNF chapters. Its purpose is to aid rational drug selection from the many drugs listed in the BNF. Information on key medications and protocols is included and has been reviewed by one or more consultant(s) in the relevant specialty working in the hospital. Recommendations are based on clinical evidence of efficacy and correspond with optimum practice within the hospital. Information contained in the Guide is suitable for use in adults only unless otherwise stated. Please note that, like the guide itself, the app will be updated on an ongoing basis. All updates will be automatically added to your app when you open it.

While the information in the Tallaght Hospital Adult Medicines Guide is designed for use in Tallaght Hospital by healthcare staff, other suitably qualified healthcare professionals may also potentially find it a useful reference. Use outside of the hospital is for informational purposes only by suitably qualified healthcare professionals and such users take sole responsibility for verifying the information included in the Guide.

Because of the complex nature and unlicensed use of many of the medicines contained in this guide, this app is intended for healthcare professionals only. Before allowing access to the content, Tallaght Hospital requires each user to register and verify that each individual user is a healthcare professional. Data gathered will be used for no other purpose other than the management of this app.

By purchasing this app you are subscribing to 12 months of the Tallaght Hospital Adult Medicines Guide content. After 12 months you will be provided with the option to choose whether or not to avail of In App Purchases allowing you to re-subscribe to the content.

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