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Tamil Calendar 2019 (2018-25)

가격: 무료
호환성: iPhone & iPad

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앱 설명

Tamil Calendar 2019 is one of my prestigious, closer-to-my-heart project that I wanted to bring to our tamil language lovers. The app will provide number of calendar and day-to-day utility features.


The Daily Sheet of our loveable classic layout is being maintained here, so you get a feel of closer-to real life experience with the calendar app, the daily sheet provides all information such as timings, sun rise and sun set time, the day's importance and speciality and more over you will get your 'Rasi Palan' for your horoscope. You will also see a daily proverb as well.

I have, now, added a modern layout, which will give you more information in a better user experience.


The Monthly Sheet provides the same old classic view of our monthly calendars, you will have all festivals marked in the calendar.


Daily A Thirukural is implemented, so you get to know our great Valluvan's Kural a day.


You will also see Rasi Palan for year 2018 & 2019, sani peyarchi, guru peyarchi palan, vaastu saasthiram, manai adi saasthiram, gowri panchangam etc.


Marriage Days, Important Ritual Days such as Ammavasai, Pournami, Government Holidays, All Religion Festivals Etc.


You have 1000s of medicinal tips as devised by our great Siddhargal. These are simple medical tips for every one and all age group.


You will have daily news on Jyothidam from popular web portal (One India) via RSS Feeds.


A set of 1000+ simple tips for maintaining our beauty (face, body, nails & hair) with easy to find & use tips for everyone.


Now, you can also check the marriage matching between bride & bridegroom's horoscope, you can see all the 10 matchings, their result and importance.


Now you can search & find words in our in-built dictionary. It has both Tamil to English and English to Tamil dictionaries.


These are day-to-day proverbs and wishes we use, I have collected and provided them here. You can read them and share it with everyone.


I have also given the complete details of Shiva Temples in Tamil Nadu, this will be your reference for all the shiva temples and their history and importance.

And Much more to the above list are, Dreams & its implications in our life, moles & its implications, Kirubananda Vaariyaar Life History & Speeches, Mandiram for everyday life and Baby Names.

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