The Urdu Library

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앱 설명

The Urdu Library is the biggest collection of Urdu Books which includes Religious Books , Top Urdu Novels , Imran Series , Jasoosi Novels , Romantic Novels ,
Urdu Khofnak Novels , Top Poetry books , Afsaany and much , Educational Books , International Literature , Beauty Tips , Kitchen Corner and much more which all which Urdu readers require.Here are key features which we provide to our readers.

‣ 10000+ Books.
‣ All books are free.
‣ Read in offline mode.
‣ Start novel from page you left from.
‣ You can request a books and it will be available.
‣ Multi part books and novels.
‣ The books are regularly added and updated.
‣ Monthly digests.
‣ Books categories on the base of its type.
‣ Text Books and Past Papers.
‣ English Novels.
‣ Search any book you want.
‣Top books section.

Important Note :
‣ The stuff in this app is taken from internet which is freely available.So we do not claim copyright claim for any books added to this app.Purpose of this app is to promote urdu language and to facilitate urdu books readers a platform from where they can get every kinds of books , however if some of our books violate moral , religious or other social values , or even issues related to copyright , so report that books to us , we will take immediate action to remove or replace that book .

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