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Timokids - Histórias e Jogos

퍼블리셔: Timokids
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호환성: iPhone & iPad

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앱 설명

Want high-quality, exceptionally created books and stories for your kids? Well Timokids has 50+ kids books and stories illustrated in 3D, narrated with subtitled, along with long-range of amazing kid friendly games that are fun and support children development.

Original free kids books and kids stories. Each of the books for child have their own content and with the focus on guiding, communicating and facilitating the interaction between parents and children. The children moral stories for kids cover issues related to the universe of children in all phases of childhood. We know how difficult it is to talk about Bullying, Sexual Abuse, Discrimination, and so we want to help parents in this process.
* This app has the best children's books and stories that will support child development, but also has free book stories that can easily become the favorite bedtime stories for your kids.

Make use of the voice recording feature and tell your own personalized stories. With this exquisite features as a parent you can feel more present in all moments of the life of your child. Simply insert your voice, reinforce the language and become the narrator and agent of transformation of the life of your child.

Vibrant, beautiful & exceptionally fun, Timokids also features fun and educational games for kids & toddlers that will support child’s development while offering them amusing times.

- GREAT HELP FOR PARENTS: App that aims to assist parents around the world in the psychosocial development of their child.
- WORLD-WIDE: Present in more than 180 countries
- STORIES: Copyrighted stories focusing on guided and assisted communication
- ORIGINAL CHARACTERS: Specially developed characters with a focus on stimulating children's psychosocial and sensory development.
- KID SAFE: Certified kidsafe & child safe environment, without propaganda.
- DEVELOPMENT: Ability to develop psychomotor, visual and auditory skills through stories and games.
- PERSONALIZE: Interactivity in Stories through the RECORD VOICE function, where the parent becomes the narrator and guiding principle.
- CONTROL FOR PARENTS: Access to settings is restricted to parents and you can still choose which designs your child will be allowed to see.
- GAMES: 20+ free childrens games. Kid friendly educational games for kids to play

~ Why purchase the TIMO CLUB?
--- With TIMO CLUB you have access to more than 50 stories with content specially developed for children's world focused on helping parents around the world to guide their children with moral stories. The stories are created by those who really understand children: psychologists, pedagogues and specialists in early childhood education. TIMO CLUB takes the little ones to a playful world full of really important info that will make a difference.

* Timokids is a free kids books app that has the concern of using appropriate language and the support of psychologists in the elaboration of all its content; however, there can be cultural, religious or conceptual divergences on them.

Timokids is a subscription service that gives you unlimited access to stories, features and games while your subscription is in effect!
- Price: $ 9.99 per month
- Payment is charged to the iTunes account
- The subscription is valid on any device registered in your Apple account.
- The subscription renews automatically, unless automatic renewal is disabled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period
- Renewal is charged 24h before the end of the current period
- Manage & cancel subscription or set automatic renewal
- No return if the service is canceled in the period of validity.
- If a free trial period is offered, it will be interrupted when a paid subscription is purchased.


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