Today is Plus

퍼블리셔: Corewave
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호환성: iPhone & iPad

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앱 설명

Today is+ is now available on app store.

With your continued love, Today is+ is finally launched.
How did you like Today is?

Based on current Today is, the most requested features such as password and backup have been added to Today is+. 

Are you worried about your data on current Today is?
Once you have an email account on your iPhone, you can easily backup and restore your data from to Today is+

Password feature has also been redesigned
It is now simpler and more convenient to use by removing existing keyboard
How do you like it?

Export feature now only supports text file format but it will support PDF format on our next update.
More useful features will be updated to satisfy users.
Hope you find this useful and interesting
You can expect more on our next update~^^

*what is new in Today is+
No iAD
Retina Display support
Support backup and restoration
Password feature
Exporting data into a text file

is plus mical simplenote simple calendar simple calendar widget simple notes daily scheduler to:day ispeak is tody 일기 메모 todate 투나잇 simple notepad today todo memorado week schedule class schedule

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