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We thought, what would traditional slots look like if we did them the tombola way?

They’d look like tombola arcade, a magical world of unique games starting at 5p... actually it’s not magical it’s REAL! We have it all here at your fingertips.

You heard us right games start at just 5p up to a maximum of £1, what’s more if you’re already a member of tombola bingo you can simply download and log in to tombola arcade with your current details!

Brand new to tombola? Register and deposit £25 real money and we’ll give you £50 extra absolutely FREE to play with, or deposit £10 and we’ll give you £20 FREE* Unlike other sites there are no play-through or wagering requirements so any winnings are all yours.

So, what slot games do you have, we hear you cry? Well for a start we’re not like any other online casino, not only are our stakes low but we also have exclusive games that you won’t find anywhere else, including a FREE game which could see you win up to £30,000!


Our completely FREE game; pop on daily and match 25 Stars Mon-Sun and you’ll win a share of a £30,000 jackpot! Did we mention it’s completely FREE? And you can win £30,000? Oh, we did…


Venture to the orient in go, our tantalising tiled game. You can win spot prizes, be transported to the bonus round and win Top Prizes up to £500, what are you waiting for 3-2-1 GO!


There’s nothing more satisfying than popping bubble wrap and we’ve brought that poppin’ feeling to the virtual world, to make things even better you could get your hands on a Top Prize of £500.


Only good things come from picking your own - including winning up to £200. Head on over to our Aztec and Spellbound themes to work your magic.


We’ve taken traditional slots and sent them through a process of tombolaification – now you can play slots the tombola way - take it for a spin to win. Watch out for those bonus rounds.


Flip the counters and connect the rows, with a chance to multiply your winnings in the bonus round and win Top Prizes of up to £500.


Itching to have some fun? Then scratch away the 9 panels to reveal the hidden symbols - match 3 to win! Choose from Jungle, Space and Treasure themes, we have a few cheeky bonus rounds for you too.


You can “glow your own way” or you can head to glow to try your hand at winning Top Prizes in the enchanted forest or jellyfish themes. You can’t glow wrong. See what we did there?

We’re a gambling app and we want you to enjoy playing our games but we want to make sure you’re not only having fun but gambling responsibly. We’ve got a number of responsible gambling features to help you do so – from setting a deposit limit (you get £1 bonus for doing this), freezing a game, cooling off and much more. Be sure to check out the “play responsibly” section in your account.

Get in touch:

If you need any help our Customer Service team are available 24/7 live chat,
telephone: 0800 29 888 73

We’d love to hear how you think we could improve our app, send your comments or suggestions to or leave a review.

Over 18s only

This is a real money gambling app.

Please gamble responsibly and only bet what you can afford. For gambling addiction help and support, please contact Gamble Aware at 0808 8020 133 or visit

* Deposit £10-£25 and get 200% bonus money. First deposit only. Terms apply.

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