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Tools For Pilots

퍼블리셔: Ralf Keber
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: 0.99 USD
호환성: iPhone & iPad

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앱 설명

Tools For Pilots is a small collection of tools.
It is designed as an universal app with different iPhone and iPad interfaces.
On the iPad landscape and portrait orientation are supported in split views.
At the main level you can switch easily to a real dark mode.

Wind Components
- are displayed in a nice graphical layout
- touch the runway designator to change the runway direction
- touch the wind arrow to change the wind
- main wind and gusts are shown absolute, as head/tail wind and as cross wind by wind arrows relativ to the runway

RWY Report Decoding
- the code is analyzed while typing, the keyboard will only allow exisiting codes
- you can switch to Russian friction coefficients by touching the flag

Cold Temperature Altitude Correction
- save multiple pages for reusing
- share your pages via airdrop, e-mail or saved files

Climb Gradients
- enter gradient, angle or feet per nm
- create a list with distance and altitude and/or
- create a list with groundspeed and vertical speed

ICAO Delay Codes
- the standard ICAO Delay Codes

Airport Time Zones
- coordinates, time zone, daylight saving time, day length, sunset and sunrise are shown
- time zone, sunrise and sunset are calculated by the app
- you can enter any date for the calculation which is done off-line using a build-in database

- for up to 10 airports
- 3 letter IATA or 4 letter ICAO code
- requires online connection
- data source is the "ICAO API Data Service"
- effective as of 1st August 2018 you have to be registered to use this service
- you will get an API KEY which allows 100 free calls per month
- additional calls can be bought inyear-packages

Metar and TAF Reports
- can be requested for an editable airport list
- 3 letter IATA or 4 letter ICAO code
- requires online connection
- time zone, sunrise and sunset are calculated by the app

notam notams metar taf taf aviation weather weather report weather reports runway delays delay

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