Tram & Bus Cologne

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앱 설명

Never miss a tram, bus or train in Cologne. This app shows you the departures of the incoming tram and bus departures for all stops in Cologne as well as KVB.
Additionally you have the up-to-date KVB service alerts for trams and buses, in case there are cancellations, delays, etc.

– Choose from over 800 stops in Cologne (KVB tram and bus, S-Bahn, regional trains, DB) as well as KVB lines outside of Cologne.
– Alphabetical list with a search function or just the stops that are close to you (via GPS).
– Frequently used stops can be saved as favorites.
– Service alerts directly sent to your iPhone (Push Notifications): you decide for which lines you want to get informed for which time spans.
– Open service alerts and departures with Quick Actions on your Home Screen (3D Touch devices).
– Shake your device to simulate original departure displays of KVB
– Apple Watch Support
– Dark Mode Support (with iOS 13)

(Disclaimer: This app is not connected with or endorsed by Kölner Verkehrs-Betriebe AG and Deutsche Bahn AG and its subsidiaries. We can also give no warranty that the displayed information is accurate)

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