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Tripigy is the world's largest Travel platform, giving you access to Free camps, Caravan Parks, National Parks and thousands of other locations to stay and see. Not only does Tripigy give you access whilst you are travelling, you can also access the Tripigy Web sites online and easily plan and view locations before you travel. Our Web Platforms provide additional features and with the larger screen format, make it easier to plan and review, no other platform in the world provides these integrated features.

Using a combination of crowd sourced data as well as commercial sources and a dedicated moderation team, no longer will you have incorrect information about a location to stay. Get reviews including TripAdvisor in real-time, with information you can trust. The Tripigy World database has over 115,000+ records making it the largest single data ensuring you will always have access to resources and information at your fingertips.

Tripigy launched in 2011 with our Mobile and Web platforms. In the many years working with our partners and feedback from our user community in 2018 we’ve launched our entirely new platform for Tripigy. Quicker, Easier to use and better features this new Tripigy platform will give you ease of access to information that you’ve never had before.

Upon startup, Tripigy will load onto your map and show you immediately what you are looking for with easy to understand icons and colours as well as simple map features. More detailed information about each location can be easily viewed, including detailed descriptions about places and services, these features and more are unique to the Tripigy platform and not available in any other travel app.

Use powerful filters and quick search menu options to help filter down options without the need to set and save complex filters. You can even save favourites and Wishlist’s, and new features including the powerful new Trip Planner (available on Web) will ensure you can review and choose destinations with all the information in one place.

Download Tripigy New Zealand today, if you are planning on visiting other countries, simply choose Tripigy for each relevant country.

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