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Sultan Center –Online Shopping

퍼블리셔: The Sultan Center, Kuwait
가격: 무료
호환성: iPhone & iPad

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앱 설명

Sultan Center grocery shopping app! Designed for the easiest shopping experience in kuwait.

- Great customer experience with user-friendly interface and features.
- You can shop all supermarket grocery items and household essentials quickly using multiple search features.
- Create your favourite shopping lists effortlessly.
- Sultan Center grocery Shopping app offers wide range of products with over 20000+ products & 2500+ brands at best prices and offers.
- Shop online from 1000+ hypermarket categories (grocery, fresh fruits & vegetables, lifestyle, organic, gluten free, vegetarian, fresh from farm, diabetic, lactose-free, frozen, snacks & beverages, meat & seafood, deli & cheese, bakery, dairy, pets food & accessories, health & beauty, cleaning and home care, home & living, games & toys, luggage & bags, bathroom, decor, kitchen & dining and many more) at the best prices
- Get your order delivered to your doorstep same day or next day for your convenience.
- Get superb savings with frequent promotions & deals.
- App notifications for exclusive deals and special offers.
- Temperature controlled trucks to deliver your goods in the best quality.

Find out about Sultan Center grocery shopping on : or contact us at:

For instant help call now: 1844449

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