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앱 설명

***Featured 200+ times on the Appstore so far across the globe. #1 in several countries***

***Recently Featured on ProductHunt***

Tube Max is the most elegant and innovative video player in the Appstore that is downloaded well over 100k over a few short months! Get the app for free and check it out. We are sure you will like it.



Multiple streaming video providers to select videos from

And, as always:

* Watch or listen audio streams of thousands of videos while the screen is switched off or multitask (if for some reason, shutting off the screen doesn't work, first tap the home button and then switch off the screen)
* Elegant skip controls to precisely position the seek controls (long tap for more time options)
* Intuitive player to play playlists of music, tv series and other videos on the list itself
* Amazing list player
* Tiny player to browse videos without loosing the current content (double tap the tiny player for recommendations)
* iPod controls (control the app with the headphone in lock screen mode)
* Resolution selection (LD, SD, HD)
* Enhanced search and menu
* Favorite and bookmark any video

Tube Max enables you to easily watch long running videos (movies, documentaries, tv-shows etc.) and listen to millions of audio books from various streaming video providers in an elegant and intuitive way. The 10, 30 and 60 second skip controls in the player that can be set by long pressing the skip buttons lets you easily control and watch or listen to the sections of a video you would want or re-watch or listen to a section of a video you already watched with maximum ease. The elegant player makes you watch videos in the browser list itself rather than having to go to a different screen. All the videos and audio books you have been watching gets automatically added to the History where you will be able to resume the play from where you stopped.

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