Upin & Ipin KST Chapter 4

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앱 설명

Les' Copaque Production and LCGDI are proud to present
"Upin & Ipin Keris Siamang Tunggal Chapter 4"

Ipin and the group have just arrived at Port Megah where they need to find the famous Nakhoda Ragam. Unfortunately, no one knows where he is or how he looks like. However, they will meet a lady named Lela where she is trying to cheer up the townspeople.

Join Ipin as he and the group will help Lela put on the greatest show and find the famous Nakhoda Ragam.

This game is a combination of exciting storytelling, cute characters, actions, puzzles and lots of things to explore and play.

Enjoy! True, true, true.

1. Game is currently around 1GB in size. Please ensure you have enough space and a wifi connection before installing the game.
2. There have been reported issues with iPhone 6 series. This is something that is being looked into and we apologise for any inconveniences.

chapter 4 upin ipin upin ipin ipi best shows the greatest greatest lc

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