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USA Learns English 1

가격: 무료
호환성: iPhone & iPad

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앱 설명

Whether you are learning English at the popular USA Learns Web site ( or trying to learn English on your own, you will want this app! The four USA Learns English Apps are your "on the go" learning tools for when you cannot sit in class or be at home using a computer.

This first app, USA Learns English 1, has many new and exciting learning tools that teach beginning English vocabulary words to adults. The app includes videos, photos, audio, voice recording, vocabulary words, and more! Internet access is necessary in order to use the app.

The USA Learns English App 1 includes these five units:
•Unit 1: First English Class
•Unit 2: In the Classroom
•Unit 3: Numbers
•Unit 4: Around the Clock
•Unit 5: The Calendar

To watch a video about the apps, please visit


•Watch videos of adults in classrooms learning English.
•Record your voice to practice speaking English - instantly compare your voice with a native English speaker!
•Practice listening with a new multiple choice activity.
•Learn many important vocabulary words!
•“Star” a word, like a flashcard, so you can practice it more.
•See a photo of each word and hear its pronunciation.
•Check your learning by keeping track of your scores.
•Play the matching game.
•Share your success on Facebook!


•An Internet connection while downloading.
•An Internet connection when using the app. You must be connected to the Internet in order to use the app.


•Download the other USA Learns English Apps for more practice. Each app contains five units:
oUSA Learns English App 2: Places to Go, Countries and Nationalities, Celebrations, Family and School
oUSA Learns English App 3: Clothes and Colors, Money and Shopping, Places in the Neighborhood, Food and the Body
oUSA Learns English App 4: Doctors and Medicine, Finding a New Home, Furniture and Appliances, Transportation, Recreation and Weather
•Visit the free USA Learns Web site ( for many more learning activities, including videos, reading, listening, spelling, writing and speaking practice. The site is not recommended for phones or tablets.
•Get even more English practice on our Facebook page at!


•Any speakers of languages other than English, learners of English as a Second Language (ESL), or anyone who wants to improve their English reading, writing and speaking skills can learn with this app.


Please feel free to email questions and support issues to

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