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Weekend Warriors MMA

퍼블리셔: MDickie Limited
가격: 무료 인 앱 구매 추가
호환성: iPhone & iPad

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앱 설명

The engine behind the biggest wrestling game on mobiles now brings the revolution to MMA - featuring 300 fighters spread across 5 promotions and 5 weight classes! Immerse yourself in the sport however you choose - from a career as a ranked fighter to booking cards in the first ever fully playable "Promoter" mode. With a revamped control system tailor-made for MMA, every move is at your fingertips as you use your mind as much as your body to win this game of human chess!

Upgrade to "Pro" to enjoy each career mode at its best with no limitations - starting with anyone, anywhere. There is also a further "Backstage Pass" for those who want to save their changes to all 300 fighters and pit them against each other in dream bouts. With every rule at your discretion, you can either be a purist for 1-on-1 fights or blow off steam in ridiculous contests featuring up to 10 fighters!

The game features an interactive tutorial that you are advised to play through, but the basic controls are as follows:
CURSORS = Movement (double-tap to run or dash)
S = Strike (with a direction to aim high or low and left or right)
S + any other button = One of 3 powerful attacks
G = Grapple / Transitions / Counters
B = Block / Moves / Escapes
T = Taunt / Pin / Referee duties
BLOCK + TAUNT = Pick-Up / Drop nearby objects
EYE = Change focus (if necessary)
HEALTH METER = Switch character (wherever possible)
CLOCK = Pause / Quit / Camera options

Please note that this game depicts a fictitious universe and is not affiliated with any real fighters or promotions.

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772 랭킹

Classic Dick Game

I’m not sure how it is messed up so bad like this but typically an opponent who is drained of stamina is not going to all of a sudden turn into Popeye. Ads cause game to freeze frequently making the play experience no longer enjoyable. Having to replay the same match multiple times is boring and the ads during a match causes a lot of those issues. I remember why I stopped playing these apps. Some of the offer providing no royalties... what fighter would not be paid when fighting? That’s extremely unrealistic.



The game is fun but like when the ads play it just freezes my whole game and I have to leave the game and reopen it like 4 times


Game itself is fun, rendered unplayable however

I play the game, get an ad, gets me an infinite loading screen, can’t do anything, close the game, reopen, and play from the last save, which is more than often before a fight I already spent ages winning, forced to wait through the BORING ASS PRESS CONFERENCE AGAIN, GET TO THE ACTUAL FIGHT, WIN AND GET ANOTHER AD, WHOLE CYCLE REPEATS. At the very least fix the problem the ads are causing



I played this game 3 or 2 years ago, and I absolutely loved it, it was amazing back then, even though it needed some quick fix, I liked the game overall. I wanted to download it again, but there were so many bugs stopping me from enjoying it, 1. After I would watch a ad before a fight, it would show me the mckdickie screen and I couldn’t do anything, I would have to reload my game. And when I reloaded my game, it happened a few more times. 2. It didn’t save my progress, I fought two fights, and when I came back, I had to re fight those people. 3. Whenever I press random results a.k.a picking who wins randomly, it ALWAYS picks the other person, it doesn’t matter how much I reload my game and try again it’s always the other person winning. 4. It didn’t let me add any points to make my character better, I couldn’t even add 5 points to make my grappling, speed, etc better. It upseted me because I would lose because I have grappling, speed, etc of 60 percent. 5. When I put it on average, it was easier than when I put it on “very easy”, I first put it on “very easy” cause I’m not very good at the game, and very easy was SO HARD. And then I changed it to average, only for it to be easier. Please fix that, I gave it 3 stars, because those were the only bugs, and I know tho game has potential.


If you get the hang of it

If u get the hang of it it’s a great game people are saying it’s hard to control and everything but tbh It works well for me when ur weak ur harder to get out of grappling or be the one on top with striking advantages when ur strong and weaken the other opponent they can have a hard time getting control on you I’ve been playing this since I was like hmm let’s see 11 and now I’m 15 it gotten so easy for me to win I put it on hard and ai mode and I still win fairly enough Sure it has some minor annoying bugs and the camera gets annoying to but it’s great and for what the game throws at u when they try to make you fight while your injured annoying sure but makes it more challenging if u can get the hang of the game you’ll end up liking it grappling move one direction to counter his position so u can break free and reverse with a slam spamming it gets u out but when u have no adrenaline or health it makes it harder I mean this is the best u can get out of a mobile game


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