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врачи Детские гриппа:Игра Девочка салон бесплатно

퍼블리셔: Yupeng Zhang
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: 무료
호환성: iPhone & iPad

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앱 설명

If you're looking in having a career in medicine, than you surely must play this fun flu doctor game for kids! With real life medical doctor equipment like stethoscope, x-ray machine, pulse-meter, thermometers and many other tools to diagnose and treat patients you'll surely find the job of a doctor pretty interesting and exciting!
With patients of all ages, from little girls and boys who suffer minor injuries or broken bones to adults and grannies, who just need a quick check-up to see if they're alright and healthy!
Each patient comes with their problems and their minigames, you'll get to discover lots of fun puzzles, labyrinths, finding games, dressup, cleaning, surgery and all kinds of quick and fun doctor games which are required to pass in order to treat and diagnose your patient.
Taking care of people is just a part of the job, you can also experiment being a vet by taking care of different pets just like our sick puppy who looks that he might got some parasites that need to be taken care off and who knows he might even use a x-ray check up to see if he's got any broken bones that need to be fixed.
As a doctor probably you won't have to deal with surgery games or tasks to often, but you must know a bit about pharmacy and even cooking! Learn how to prepare different healthy food, delicious medical syrup and all kinds of natural juices just like in a cooking game!
As you get around from house to house on the map and treat people of injuries and illnesses, you'll get to love being a doctor and realize that only in a crazy hospital you could have gotten so much fun treating this kind of crazy patients.
Discover all the features like:
- High quality graphics
- All kinds of crazy medical equipment
- Tools to monitor and treat specific injuries
- 6 different patients to take care of
- Lots of fun girl and boys mini games
- Funny characters, sound-effects and voice-overs!

海绵宝宝 感冒 铃铛 小猫 虚拟现实 数码宝贝 我的安吉拉 安吉拉 好玩遊戲 角色 好玩 宝贝故事 女孩 虚拟 主题 医生 我的世界

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