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Word Game - The Scrabble Puzzle Search

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앱 설명


'Word Games Are Boring! Except This One! I Love This!'
'This Is One Game You Should Have! It Feels Good!'
'This Game Is Made For You To Love! Its Easy To Play!'
'Word Game Is One Game You Can Have By You Side!'

We all need a game that we can have by our side, a game that we turn to when situation gets awkward and pretend that we are doing something important. We all need a game that we can turn to when times get lonely, this game - the Word Game one game you can rely to. Its easy to play, stimulates your mind and this game never gets boring!

Just like the classic game we use in newspaper, this game is about finding the given word in the rumble of letters. The faster you find the word, the higher your points.

This game may be easy to play but when the time gets limited,the excitement begins. Never underestimate word games, especially this Word Game! Share and play with your friends thru this game's online sharing interface!

Don't miss this game, download now and JOIN THE WORD GAME COMMUNITY TODAY!

- Find the words in a limited time!
- FREE version supported by ads
- Super awesome graphics and motion
- Addicting and proven me concept
- Unlimited attempts to break your record
- Great sound effects and music
- Turn on/off music and sound effects
- Upgrade to ad-free version optional
- Available on iPhone and iPad

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