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Word Pyramids - The Word Search & Word Puzzles Game ~ Free

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앱 설명

Word Pyramids is an fun and exciting Word Puzzle game where your objective is to rearrange the jumbled words in the pyramids to form meaningful words.

With four different pyramid structures and game levels, there are 100's of word combinations possible for a given pyramid.


- Challenging Levels : Word Pyramids appeals to both word pros as well as novice language learners who love to learn new words. With word pyramids of just 2 rows to word pyramids of 5 rows, you will never feel short of fun.

- Increase your Vocabulary: Word Pyramids is not just fun to play, but a great way to learn new words by playing a game. If and when you run out of time, the game reveals not just the answer but displays the meanings of those words as well. Learning new words can't be more fun!

- Helpful Lifelines: Stuck on a level? No worries, we have 4 different lifelines to get that tough one figured out.

- Leaderboard: Ever wanted to pit your wit against word geniuses across the globe? Here's your ticket to the championship. You get scored not just on your overall game but also across difficulty levels.

In essence, with Word Pyramid you don't just get to play a ultra fun game which keeps you entertained for hours but also get to learn new words and improve your vocabulary!

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