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퍼블리셔: Muhammad Arslan
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: 무료
호환성: iPhone & iPad

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앱 설명

Zombie Apocalypse Sniper Shoot
A virus is spread like wildfire and infected the whole city. An infection which started with a few cases now infected the whole community. Everyday people like nurses, doctors, patients, police, housewives who were busy in there day to day lives are now infected and became walking dead zombies. This new zombie kill game is an adventurous action game in which you have to survive the undead disaster. In this zombie apocalypse, there are no second chances. So you have to keep yourself safe and kill undead with your expert sniper shooting skills. Join the real zombie hunter army and start shooting every walking dead in this zombie sniper killer mission game.
Mankind needs a strong sniper shooter to stop the undead plague infection! Hungry zombies are searching for brains, and the peaceful city is now converted into ruins. You are the only one who can destroy them. So accept the challenge in this zombie expert target shooting game to completely finish the deadly zombie with highly explosive weapons.

Zombie Apocalypse Sniper Shoot features:
- Kill zombies with epic weapons.
- lock and Unlock weapons.
- Amazing sound effects and graphics
- Increase your bullets by collecting gold.
- Intense and innovative gameplay.
Deadly mission:
Death shooter zombie killer game is a killing game where you either win or loss. In this zombie attack game, zombies come in many forms so will be walking, running, crawling they can be extremely infected with the virus. If you will be unable to kill them, they will kill you and other innocent citizens. So you are a sniper that must save humanity from this deadly infection by shooting them. And stop the infection to spread in this 3D zombie survival shooter city battle game!

You will have multiple weapons sniper zombie shooter assault game. Unlock the guns by killing tons of zombies and improve your strength to become a true killer. Unlocked weapons will be more powerful and faster, which will help you in fighting the living dead army.

Stunning effects:
This best zombie shooter game has realistic infected zombies. It has Stunning 3d graphics and immersive sound effect. Horrifying climate and realistic environment will take your breath away. The battlefield covered in snow looks amazingly realistic. You will feel as if you are in the real battlefield in this zombie city shooting attack 3D.
This addicting zombie game is absolutely free to download. You don’t even need Wi-Fi or data connection to play this awesome game.

We hope you will enjoy Zombie Apocalypse Sniper Shoot! Your comments and reviews are always welcome. Try our other games as well.

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