Zombie Driving School 2018

퍼블리셔: Noman Elahi
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: 무료
호환성: iPhone & iPad

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앱 설명

Do you love zombie infested dangerous post-apocalyptic cities; well we bring you a cool city car parking simulator where you are a zombie and trying to learn how to drive. In Zombie Car Parking Simulator 2018 you look the world through the eyes of a zombie. You ought to educate the zombies to learn how to drive with several different parking challenges but you yourself have to learn to drive in driving school. You cannot smash zombies with your latest cars or they will wreckage your car and feast on you. The acquisitions of the modern car driving have been made with the human in a technology exchange program. You are the first zombie with the psychic and mental powers to drive a car but you will be put through crazy car driving parking challenges, if you fail these cars will be given back to humans. Many zombies of your clan are against this exchange but you have to prove them wrong in this smart car parking 3D simulation world.

In Car Parking Simulator 2018 – Zombie City Edition protect the car crashing into buildings, blockades, cones and most importantly into roaming zombies. Park your car in the allotted parking spot without touching any of the buildings or trees. You have to carefully monitor your fuel level and health bar. If you park your car perfectly you can get A grade on you license sheet else, you’ll get a lower grade which you don’t want.

Game Features:
• 6 Rusted zombies modern car to select from
• 30+ levels with car driving exam
• 5 Different massive landscapes
• Challenging levels
• Park under pressure

How to Play:
• Select a mission
• Select an unlocked car suitable for the level
• Locate the parking spot; follow the indicator
• Park your car scratch less without hitting obstacles
• Receive your grade at the end of the level
• Move on to the next level

Zombie Parking 3D Simulator – Car Park 2018 is one of a kind in its genre. Download this free super car parking game and enjoy.

pixel zombie zombie car

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