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Taptile Invoices

가격: 40.99 USD

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앱 설명

Taptile Invoices - Easily create and manage invoices, offers, letters and reminders

With our app Taptile Invoices, you can easily create and manage locally on your Mac, invoices, offers, letters and reminders that are clear and elegant.

You don't have to trust your data with any cloud provider.
All data remains locally on your computer.
No monthly subscription, pay only once to use the app.

Taptile Invoices supports:
- cover letters, offers, invoices, royalty notes and reminders
- any number of invoice items
- automatic amount accumulation
- Percentage discounts or surcharges
- Special payment date discount calculation and expulsion on the invoice
- Net and gross amounts, different VAT percentages
- Invoices in different currencies
- Recipient Address Management
- Sender Address Management (with sender logo and signature)
- Sender tax number and / or sales tax ID
- Bank details
- Free subject, salutation and text
- Free offer, invoice and dunning text above and below the individual items
- Document, Delivery, Due date and Incoming Payment date
- Document Status Management (draft, sent, due, completed / paid)
- Notifications of due offers, invoices and reminders
- Invoice duplicates to simplify the creation of similar invoices and reminders
- Different layouts (header, footer, sidebar)
- Support your own business background
- PDF export
- Direct printing on printers with macOS support

***** For whom is Taptile Invoices suitable? *****

The app Taptile Invoices is designed for individuals, self-employed, freelancers, craftsmen and other small business owners.
The app does not offer any connection to CRM, merchandise management systems, customer administration or even SAP / Oracle.

***** Can I use "Taptile Timetracking 2" and "Taptile Invoices" together? *****

Yes, you can import your working hours from our app "Taptile Timetracking 2" as an invoice item.
This means that you have quickly created a perfect invoice with just a few button clicks.

***** Can I influence the appearance of the invoice? *****

Yes, we offer three different layouts, which, among other things, output your contact information either in a header, footer or sidebar.
In addition, you can include your company logo and your signature in the invoice. Simply drag your logo or signature image file into the sender information and they appear on your invoice.
If that is not enough for you, you can include a business background wallpaper, where you can place your own design. This can be hidden for print, when you are using preprinted paper.

***** Can I include my signature in the invoice? *****

Yes, you can also easily include your signature as an image file.

Do you have any questions or suggestions?
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Your Taptile Apps Team

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