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i-Invitation Maker & Templates

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앱 설명

Make attractive party invitation cards with i-Invitation Maker & Templates.

Make your event special from the start, by giving your guests one of these beautifully designed invitations made by invitation card designer.
Fresh from the studios of professional graphic designers, this invitation cards designer has a stunning selection of 100 templates is overflowing with different designs, layouts, and styles. Find inspiration and ideas for your own creations, or simply add your text or images and start sending. Either way, you get the best of both worlds - invitation card designer offers you professional templates that are ready to go, as well as editable canvases to add your personal touch.

Highlights of i-Invitation Maker & Templates:
" The handy invitation card maker to make the incredible invitations like a professional
" A stunning selection of themes directly from professional designers'
" Add your own images, logos, and text for total customization
" Hi-resolution party invitation cards ideal for print and online use
" Advanced editing and layout for you to go beyond the basic
" Simple to interface and functionality - effortless integration with Pages for Mac

100 Templates in Total
Categories in the app include wedding, birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, baby shower, bachelor/bachelorette, neutral & party.
Easily Editable
Mix and match using a drag-and-drop editor, change colors and shapes, move and delete anything you want.
Ready to Print
Produced at high resolution so they look great on paper and on screen.
Designed by Experts
A professional graphic designer has produced each template.
Built for Pages for Mac
Download, open and start editing instantly.

Download this invitation card maker now, and make incredible party invitation cards in minutes!

i-Invitation Maker & Templates requires the latest version of Pages installed in your device.

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