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앱 설명

Welcome to Linguaburg, the city where everyone speaks many languages!

Linguaburg is a perfect place to play for kids ages 3-7.
At this age, children are highly receptive to language learning, so use this precious time to the fullest!
Start with 5 languages of Linguaburg.
Join our family in a stroll from single words to basic grammar and short sentences.
Daily activities, animals, sizes and colors, home and outdoors, food and more, all with bright images and clean narration.

Kids learn the meaning of each word or phrase by comparing the images, and link it with the narration. It’s a natural way of learning, no intermediate translations and exhausting repetitions.

Build a solid foundation now, and it will be much easier to master any new language later. Studies suggest that learning languages also develops listening, observation, problem-solving, memory and critical thinking skills.

App is kid friendly and does not contain ads, in-app purchases or tracking functions.
No internet connection required.

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