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SnipNotes - Notes and Actions

퍼블리셔: Felix Lisczyk
가격: 4.99 USD

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앱 설명

SnipNotes is your always accessible notebook for macOS, iOS and Apple Watch. Quickly save notes right from your menu bar, the notification center widget and with keyboard shortcuts. Turn your notes into action: Call phone numbers, create calendar events or lookup flight numbers. Stay organized with categories, sorting options and search functionality. Your notes are also available offline.

-- Create --
• Add your own text and image notes
• Save text and images from websites or other apps with the share extension
• Create new notes right from the menu bar
• Quickly capture selected text or the contents of your clipboard with customizable keyboard shortcuts
• Use Drag & Drop to import text and images from other apps into SnipNotes

-- Use --
• Use your notes for quick actions: Call phone numbers, create calendar events, look up flight numbers and more
• Access your notes from the today widget: Copy notes into the clipboard, create new notes from your clipboard and use actions
• Drag notes and images onto the desktop or into other apps

-- Organize --
• Stay on top of your notes with custom categories and an archive for completed notes
• Search through your notes. Matches will be highlighted automatically
• Pin notes to the top of your list
• Select multiple notes and move them into other categories, export or delete them in one go
• Recover deleted notes from the built-in trash

-- Customize --
• Format your notes with lists, colors, headlines and more. SnipNotes also supports markdown (input, import and export)
• Select custom icons for your notes and categories
• Choose between a variety of color schemes
• Turn the lights off with a dark mode, which can automatically adapt to your system appearance

-- Connect --
• Synchronize your notes between macOS, iOS and Apple Watch
• Quickly open notes on another device with Handoff
• Access your notes offline, including on Apple Watch

SnipNotes is a premium app without any ads, subscriptions or in-app purchases. Synchronization of your notes takes place through your private iCloud account.

Notes can currently only contain text or one image as well as a title. Mixed text and image notes are scheduled for an upcoming update.

You can find more information about the app on If you have any questions or issues, I would be happy to help you via email ( or on Twitter (@SnipNotesApp).

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