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프로세스 모니터 응용 프로그램 - Process

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앱 설명

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Do you know ALL the processes running on your MAC? If the answer is NO, then Process Monitor App is for you.

Process Monitor display the currently running processes and shows which process is running for which application.

Shows processes running on your MAC with a detailed description. The program monitors your system continuously and is readily available when you need it.

Segregation is done in different forms based on user, groups and parent process.

Processes are continuously described in the normal language for better understanding.

If the processes are unidentified, they will be marked as blank, if they are identified and description is available it indicated in the green.

Also track down where apps, files are located on the MAC.

Get all details of apps running in front and background, right from the menubar.

Residue Cleaner: Get rid of leftover files & folders after an application is uninstalled.

Note: If you find any process undefined (blanks) and you know the process details, then yes!! you can write a description and submit it for review and your contribution will be credited with your name and other details after examining.

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