3Dskope - The Advanced 3D Viewer

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앱 설명

Perhaps you are already using 3Dskope on your iPad or iPhone. Now you can have 3Dskope on your Mac, too!

Browse RAR and ZIP archives and view 3D content from a variety of popular data formats.

View 3D data attached to E-mail messages, download from websites or online storage or from your local disk.

3Dskope natively supports 3DS, ASE, OBJ, PLY, RAR, STL, and ZIP files. 3Dskope also handles some bitmap formats not supported by OS X (e.g. DDS). Other document types usually contained in a ZIP archive (e.g. PDF's, photos, movies, office doc's, etc...) are passed to OS X for preview generation.

Thus, 3Dskope is your advanced, high quality 3D viewer with additional general-purpose content viewing capabilities.

3Dskope lets you play animations embedded in 3DS or ASE files (mono- or stereoscopic), lets you toggle light sources and gives you an overview of the elements that comprise the scene (cameras, lights, materials, meshes, groups).

In addition to polygonal mesh geometry 3Dskope can import untrimmed NURBS curves and surfaces from OBJ files.

3Dskope features the Magic Crosshair™ which lets you measure coordinates, distances, areas and volumes. In addition you can use the clip tool to display and animate cross-sectional views.

You can customize the UI for left-hand or right-hand operation. Also, you can select from a number of background color schemes or define your own.

Additional capabilities are available via In-App Purchase extensions:

- 3Dskope Explorer provides a new and intuitive way to view the properties of your scene’s cameras, lights, materials, nodes, animation tracks and animation keys. In addition you can explore individual meshes in a separate 3D view.

- 3Dskope Exporter lets you save your scene to various popular data formats (3DS, OBJ/MTL, PLY, and STL are currently available). Free trial exporters are included for evaluation. Trial versions have full functionality except that the exporter output can only be opened with 3Dskope and on the same device. You can remove that restriction from a specific exporter via In-App purchase.

For a detailed app description view the 3Dskope Quick Start Guide on our website. There are also some short tutorial videos on YouTube. Just search for "3Dskope".

Feel free to contact Seselmo Support if you have questions about 3Dskope or if you want to give us your feedback.

If you like 3Dskope, please rate the app or take a few moments to write a review.

Before you purchase this app read the "Support" and "Disclaimer" documents on our website.

Do not purchase this app if you don't understand those documents or if you disagree with those documents.

3D datasets used in screenshots:
- Motorbike (included): www.gonzo-3d.com
- Turbine Blade: www.cc.gatech.edu/projects/large_models
- NURBS iPhone 5c (included): Andreas S. Gkertsos
- Zebra: www.deespona.com (background by Nithin bolar k - via Wikimedia Commons)
- Turbo Sonic (included): www.squir.com

Unless otherwise noted 3D datasets are NOT included with the app. With your purchase of the 3Dskope app you do NOT obtain any rights to included 3D datasets other than the right to display those datasets within the 3Dskope app. Any included 3D datasets may be removed from future versions of the app without compensation.

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