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앱 설명

3Hub is no longer being actively supported. Its been discontinued but its still available for those that still find it useful.

3Hub allows you to view your Amazon S3 online storage, upload, download, set permissions, headers, share with friends, view your friends shared files and more.

・Queue files and directories for download or upload
・Throttle your download and upload bandwidth
・Keep track of other S3 users you want to share files with or give permissions to
・Using the "Auto apply" feature, you can automatically set permissions on newly uploaded files
・Using the Shares feature, you can share buckets for other 3Hub users, and view files they've shared with you
・Rename files
・Bucket to bucket copying
・Set bulk permissions on buckets and files
・Create torrent links and temporary URLs that expire
・Custom headers, set on a file or append headers to a bunch of files
・Drag and drop files to the dock
・Manage bucket logging, creating buckets in other regions + data centers
・Enable a bucket as a website
・Server side encryption
・Bulk delete to help cleanup large buckets

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