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앱 설명

ABBYY Lingvo English-Russian quickly and accurately translates words and phrases without an Internet connection.
All ABBYY Lingvo English-Russian dictionaries are licensed from leading international publishers.
English is recognized as an official language in more than 60 different countries. There are approximately 400 million native speakers worldwide, and in total over one billion people across the world speak English. It is one of the most commonly studied languages, because it is used for everything: for career growth, travel and business trips, for professional and personal development, for communication with friends and new acquaintances.
High-quality dictionary is your trusty assistant in traveling around the world, communicating with people from different countries and studying their culture.

• Get multiple translations and usage samples for each word meaning.
• Learn meanings of set expressions from general translation dictionaries, idiomatic dictionaries and phrase books.
• Look up accurate translations in different subject-based dictionaries (such as computer, engineering, law, medicine and many others).
• Listen to pronunciation of key words for English and Russian recorded by native speakers.
• Get word translation quickly by using Services menu or shortcut (Command+\). This feature will only work in applications created using standard macOS components.
• Use pop-up translation by means of Safari Extension (only works in Safari).

• English definition dictionaries: 2 dictionaries.
• English-Russian and Russian-English: 38 dictionaries.
• Russian Explanatory dictionaries: 3 dictionaries.
• Phrase book.
• Grammar dictionary.

If you have any questions or feedback, please email us at and we will reply!

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