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Address Book to CSV

퍼블리셔: Fangcheng Yin
가격: 1.99 USD

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Address Book to CSV is a flexible contacts exporter to export your local address book directly to an Excel file.

Address Book to CSV, convert you address book to csv fast and easily.It can save lot of time for you.

After export to CSV format, it can used for importing into a Google account or importing into Outlook or another application.


- Address Book to CSV can export your local address book directly to an Excel file

- Has native support for Excel Workbook files (.xlsx). Import your contacts hassle-free into Excel (Mac/Win).

- Address Book to CSV gives you total control and flexibility of what data you want to export.

- You are able to select which contacts or groups to export, which fields from those contacts and how to order them.

- You can export single contacts, groups, smart groups or any combination of them.

- Create your own export templates and save them to a file for later reuse.

- Supports Address Book’s Distribution Lists feature.


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If you have any problem, please email us at
We will fix bugs and add features for you as soon as possible.

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