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앱 설명

If you love music and enjoy it on your AirPods, on Bluetooth speakers or on some fancy headsets connected to your audio jack, then this app is for you.
It can also be a helpful utility when you are surrounded by other Bluetooth gadgets like keyboards, mice, game controllers, iPhones or iPads.

Switch between headsets, auto mute loud speakers, receive alerts when your audio output device changed or when a new one is available and check batteries level at a glance - these are just a few features to start with. And we did not even listed the Bluetooth features.

• Click to connect to any audio or Bluetooth device
• Switch between speakers or headsets with a shortcut. You can also connect to other Bluetooth devices with a keyboard shortcut
• Receive notifications every time the audio connection updates (when AirPods are available, headsets are unplugged from the audio jack or your Mac just decides to change the playing device). From the notification you can switch back to your preferred output
• Automatically mute loud speakers (and prevent heart attacks) when you accidentally unplug your headsets or your AirPods disconnect. It's great for wireless speakers, but it also works with headsets connected with a cable to the audio jack
• Check what audio device is currently playing directly from the top bar
• Check battery levels at a glance and receive alerts when devices are running low on battery (works especially well with AirPods, Powerbeats, iPhones, iPads, Apple keyboards and mice and other BLE devices)

• You can use your AirPods or home speakers together with other devices like your iPhone. But every time you want to reconnect your AirPods to the Mac, you must search for options in System Preferences, reconnect and then switch the playing audio output - AirMate solves that.
So every time you end a phone conversation or media playback, just type the shortcut to reconnect your AirPods - quite easy
• How many times you accidentally unplugged your headphones or your AirPods disconnected and the music blasted from your speakers? AirMate will auto mute your system sound automatically
• You never know on what speaker your sound will start? Check the toolbar, AirMate is there with the info
• You do not know when your Powerbeats or keyboard battery will end? Check it in the app and receive alerts

Some devices will not report the battery level. Others devices will report it immediately or in a few seconds after AirMate starts.

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