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Antivirus CB PRO - Anti-Virus

퍼블리셔: SC CyberByte SRL
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가격: 9.99 USD 인 앱 구매 추가

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앱 설명

■ Unique on Apple AppStore: The only antivirus from AppStore with iOS Extension!
■ Unique on Apple AppStore: Smart Scan feature!


Antivirus CB PRO - Anti-Virus real-time detection prevents the virus from infecting your Mac.
Antivirus CB PRO - Anti-Virus has the most efficient and fast scanning engine with one of the highest detection rates in the market. It is the absolute protection for your Mac against malware, adware, viruses, scams, popups and unwanted ads.

Main Features:
1. Real-Time virus detection - provides real-time detection against malicious applications
2. Unique to the AppStore - iOS Link device - link your iOS device with the antivirus to receive the ultimate protection against cyber threats. You will get notified when the antivirus found a virus inside your Mac, you will receive alerts about malware trends and active scam campaigns. Will keep you and your data protected against cyber threats. Your cyber-protection in your pocket.
3. Virus Scan - the fastest scan detection engine on the market. Stop wasting time with slow applications that claim to detect viruses
4. Smart Scan - a unique scan algorithm that will scan your Mac in a smart way. The only application from the AppStore that has this feature.
5. Virus Clean - will clean your Mac from identified virus protecting your data and privacy
6. Adware Cleaner - will clean your Mac from identified adware protecting your data and privacy
7. Browser Cleaner - protect your privacy by keeping your browser out of cookies. Stop being traced by malicious websites.

Why choose our piece of software:
1. Unique from other applications on AppStore,Antivirus CB PRO - Anti-Virus has an active virus real-time detection shield which will alert you if you are installing a malicious application.
2. Unique from other applications on AppStore,Antivirus CB PRO - Anti-Virus has iOS Link system that will keep you and your data protected against cyber threats. Your cyber-protection in your pocket.
3. We are a cyber-security company and we know what cyber-security and virus detection means
4. Antivirus CB PRO - Anti-Virus will protect your Mac from all kind of threats like malware, adware, banking virus, spyware, keyloggers, viruses which produce popups and unwanted ads
5. Has the fastest custom virus scan engine with a high detection rate
6. Fastest scanning times in the market
7. Crypto Mining rogue extensions/malware detection
8. Our malware research team has personnel that has certifications in malware analysis and incident response
9. We update the malware patterns on a daily basis, based on which malware campaigns are active
10. We offer quality customers support service for any cybersecurity-related problem

Our designers created a piece of art, with Easy-to-Use and Native interface design in mind. While is so easy to use, even for an inexperienced end user, it will offer its full power to identify and crush any malware or adware found in your system.

The power of any antivirus comes from its malware pattern database. A malware pattern database is a file that contains the signatures of malware that the antivirus can identify. A poor database means poor detection.

The scanning speed is also an essential element. Slow scan speed means the time to complete a full scan is longer, and your Mac resources are used at maximum.

At last, even if your antivirus software has a good database, it is useless if it does not have Active Protection. This feature is crucial because it is continuously monitoring critical locations of your Mac.
If a potentially malicious file is installing, it will be identified by the Real-Time Detection module and it will be reported to you.

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