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AntVPN - Fast & Secure VPN

퍼블리셔: CommAsia Holdings Ltd.
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앱 설명

AntVPN is one of the largest VPN and proxy provider. We secure your connections to the internet and protect your privacy. You can safely surf anywhere without exposure to eavesdropping on the open internet.

Our advantages:

- Free daily usage
- Stay safe on public Wi-Fi
- Bring your home entertainment abroad
- Watch movies and TV shows privately
- Protect yourself while gaming
- Hide your online identity
- Send and download files securely

- fast and easy on your battery
- 24/7 live support
- Strict no-logs policy
- Unlimited devices
- 600+ VPN servers in 30+ countries

Free Daily Usage:

We offer 200MB free daily usage for all users without restriction. You can enjoy free and secure internet at your convenience.

AntVPN offers the following subscriptions:

- Unlimited Monthly plan: USD $8.99/month
- Unlimited Semi-annual plan: USD $35.94/6 months
- Unlimited Annual plan: USD $47.88/year

Automatic Renewal

- AntVPN service will be charged on a subscription basis.
- Subscription fees will be charged to your iTunes account upon purchase confirmation.
- All subscriptions will be renewed automatically unless you have canceled the auto-renew or terminated our service at least 24 hours before the end of the current billing date.
- Your account will be charged 24 hours prior to the end of the current billing date.
- You can manage all your subscriptions details under “Account Settings”.
- Any unused free services or features offered by AntVPN free trial period will be forfeited once you purchased a subscription.

Private Policy:
Terms of Services:

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