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앱 설명

Get boundless access to all your Contacts, Customers, Leads, Tasks, Activities and considerably more, ideal from your tip of the finger. Apptivo’s Mac OS remains in real time sync with all of the information on the cloud. In fact you can work on similar data. Approach our Business Apps from anywhere, anytime, on any device.

We would not like to constrain the Mac OS in any way, hence majority of the capabilities present on the web can be accessed on the Mac OS. You can even access your custom attributes from the Mac OS by customizing the master layout in the web version. The current version of Apptivo Mac has a typical activities area, and additionally four CRM Apps - Leads, Opportunities, Contacts and Customers.

The standard activities present in the Mac OS helps businesses to clearly isolate their business activities from individual activities in this bring your own device (BYOD) era. You can have your employees utilize their own particular devices or access the Apptivo App for their business activities. You can get into the following activities globally, across all Apps and objects:

News feed - Each and every action that is going on in your business, should be known to you. Continue checking the News Feed to get the beat on what is happening in your business.

Calendar - The created events and followups will be displayed in the Home page Calendar as a reminder.

Call Log - You can provide your call log details in the call log creation page. Call summary and call subject can be included based on your call. Type of the call can also be noted.

Tasks - Access a bounded list of all your tasks. Complete them, reassign and keep them updated.
Assigned Objects - Access every objects that are assigned to you. If you claim a lead, you will see it here. On the next chance if you claim a Customer, you will see that here.
Follow Ups - A section of your appointments, but most probably your bread and butter appointments. Access all of your follow ups, and keep them refreshed from the focal Activities zone or from the individual CRM Apps.

Emails - Send emails both from the homepage and from inside of apps to your customers. And look at only the relevant emails. Avoid clutter at work.

Documents - Upload and attach documents instantly from your local, Google Drive and Dropbox in seconds, associating it with required objects.

In addition to the common activities area, Apptivo Mac v1.0 brings four of our CRM applications to your Mac OS:

Leads - Create leads on the go. You can customize your views in the Web based Leads App which will be reflected in the Mac OS and you can access leads that have been assigned to you.

Opportunities - New sales opportunities can be created and it is possible to track their sales stages. Create notes, schedule follow ups, and finally, can close your deal, all on a go.

Contacts - Contacts App helps in the creation of new contact and to make a duplicate contact from the created one. You are also allowed to edit the existing contact. Search through various fields is made easy by using Advanced Search option.

Customers - Create customers and have access over all the information associated with your customers. You can get into every nook and corner details of a customer when needed from your Mac OS

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