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앱 설명

With powerful and intuitive editing feature, AppX lets you create custom components to build a genius macOS App never before. quickly drag and drop a component from the Libraries to the design panel, customize its background color, foreground color, text, font, border, shadow, gradient, etc. AppX can generate code automatically, then you can view it in real time, fast export it and add it to your project.

Support for up to 30 components, including Button, Label, TextField, TextView, CheckBox, Radio, SearchField, Stepper, ComboBox, SegmentedControl, Slider, PopMenu, ImageView, Popover, Box, Progress, PopUpButton, TableView, OutlineView, CollectionView, View, Window, Panel, SplitView, ScrollView, TabView, BadgeField, SideBar, WidgetBar, PageControl, etc. Helps you quickly create beautiful and amazing apps.

AppX provides two different theme modes, light and dark. The dark theme mode allows you to focus on your creative work while also protecting your vision. you can export design workspace screenshot as png image, and share it with your friends.

AppX hoping to bring you a wonderful experience, we sincerely hope for your suggestions and feedback. Please visit our website ( for help documentation. If you have any questions, please contact me as soon as possible,

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