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앱 설명

- Easy media backup for your Final Cut Pro X projects
- One-Step restore when you’re ready to continue your edit
- Powerful media management for your editing projects

ARC-X safely archives your Final Cut Pro X projects and backs up all the elements in your edit including:
- video and audio media files
- graphics and still image files
- fonts
- 3rd-party plugins

Easy Media Backup
Backing up your FCPX events, projects, and clips is quick and easy. Drag and drop your project directly into ARC-X and start the backup. ARC-X gives you complete control over exactly which files to backup. Archive any combination of your project’s video, audio, and graphics files - even the fonts and 3rd-party plugins used in your edit can be archived.

Simple, One-Step Restore
When it’s time to revise or restart your edit, restoring your project is a simple one-step process. Import the ARC-X generated XML file into FCPX and your project is restored to its original state in seconds including titles, effects, transitions, keyword, and markers.

Powerful Media Management
Use the ARC-X media inventory spreadsheet to track your project's media files, fonts, and 3rd-party plugins. The Excel-compatible file gives you detailed info on every piece of media including its original FCPX storage location.

Whether you want to protect your projects and media by archiving them for long-term storage or share them today with colorists, FX designers, and other editors, ARC-X makes it a simple and easy process. Your keywords, markers, titles, effects, fonts, and 3rd-party plugins are all preserved.

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